Warning: Male Enhancement Scams Are Everywhere

Learn which male enhancement pill to trust in this simple guide

Nobody likes to be scammed!

It’s more than just the money lost through male enhancement scams; it’s the feeling of being taken advantage of that really gets you. In the market of male enhancement supplements, it’s more likely for people to buy an ineffective pill for sex than buy the real deal. There are literally hundreds of sex pill scams out there, and there’s only a handful of products that really work as advertised. The male enhancement supplement industry is a multi-million dollar industry that attracts new customers and new players every year. With all these scams and bogus products flooding the market, how would you know which product to trust?

In all our years covering stories about supplements, we can consider ourselves experts on all things about male enhancement supplements – even when it’s about scams and bogus products. In this article, we’ll help you pinpoint the products that you should never buy as they are likely scams or bogus products.

Hidden ingredients

When penis growing pills tell you that they have all-natural ingredients when they really have prescription drugs laced in their formulas, you can guarantee that it’s a scam. Many penis growing pills today are mixed with prescription drugs that can help you pitch a tent, but it doesn’t do anything more than that. Manufacturers mix their supplements with a fraction of the dose of a synthetic prescription drug, and market their products as male enhancement supplements. The unsuspecting user, of course, would be impressed at the slight benefit that they would get by taking the product, and simply accepting its weak effects as a part of its supplement roots. Having hidden ingredients in the pill is not just illegal, it is dangerous. The reason why you need a prescription for synthetic drugs is because they tend to interfere with some medication, and they sometimes aggravate an existing condition. Regardless if you have these conditions or not, by law, you need to be cleared by a physician before taking these drugs.

The FDA has begun a crackdown on these male enhancement pills and you can visit their wall of shame through this link – http://www.fda.gov/Drugs/ResourcesForYou/Consumers/BuyingUsingMedicineSafely/MedicationHealthFraud/ucm234539.htm

Overseas pharmaceutical companies

This is one of the biggest male enhancement scams we've encountered. We’re not saying that pharmaceutical companies that operate outside of the United States scam people, we’re saying that there’s a higher probability that supplements made by pharmaceutical companies outside of the country would produce bogus products. It’s no secret that the FDA is one of the toughest agencies to go against, and establishing an offshore pharmacy would make them essentially free from drawbacks that their products could cause. With the rising market for a pill for sex sold online, these offshore pharmacies have all the customers they need to run successful sex pill scams. Avoid these scams by doing a quick Google search and check if they have a legit business overseas. It shouldn’t be a problem if they established their company overseas, but when they moved from the United States to another country to continue operations, you should be concerned. As a rule of thumb, you’re better off buying from companies based in the USA. The products produced by USA-based companies are all regulated by the FDA, so you can be sure that you’re taking the real deal – and if not, there’s the big bad FDA to go after them.

Automatic billing

Have you ever had one of those offers from penis growing pills companies that promise to give you a free trial of their product, but they end up asking for your credit card details instead? This is a telltale sign, and one of the most common male enhancement scams. These offers are usually coupled with a promise that they would not charge you if you didn’t want to – but they do. These free trials always come with strings attached. Understand that in the business, you’ll never get anything for free. By giving your credit card details, you are basically authorizing them to collect money from your account in exchange for purchasing a pill for sex. 99 out of 100 times, the customers are unaware that they have signed up for automatic billing. If the product is any good, they shouldn’t be doing this unethical method of billing their customers. Never give out your credit card information UNLESS you really intend to make a purchase..

Online marketplaces

Buying from online marketplaces increase your chances of ending up with a product that does nothing, and is one of the hottest sex pill scams out there right now, so be careful. Before making a purchase, understand first where your product is coming from. Products sold in online marketplaces such as Amazon or eBay could be sold by anyone – could be a small mom and pop store, or someone in their basement. There are always better ways to purchase your male enhancement pill. To be sure, always go to the manufacturer’s website to place your order. That way, your buyer rights are PROTECTED. You get the guarantees that they promise, and you get the products straight from the manufacturer.

Celebrity endorsers

Before we get to this – who still believes in celebrity endorsers? We’ve seen MANY male enhancement products endorsed by celebrities in the adult industry. The real question is – should that convince you? We think not. These people make their living by keeping their secret a secret. Every man wants an adult entertainment-level package, and giving away their secrets just like that is like Superman handing out kryptonite to every villain. You can count that these celebrity endorsers would never really reveal what they take, because if their “special” size becomes the norm, then suddenly their special size isn’t special anymore. If anything, they have a vested interest in not making the real products see the light of day. It takes a lot of money to invest in a celebrity endorser. If that money was just well-spent on research, then the manufacturers could finally create a product that is truly effective, and it would sell well on its own by having a reputation for being a solid product.

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