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Those guys are just making themselves feel better. Men and women know that the special member definitely matters, and not just in the way you think. Aside from the obvious pleasure sense, bigger packages also affect the psyche of both men and women. For men, being self-aware that they are well-endowed definitely increases confidence, which drives them to perform better in bed. For women, knowing that they are intimate with a well-endowed man certainly plays well into their fantasies.

Men in the adult entertainment industry know this too well. That’s why you only see well-endowed men in adult entertainment videos – because it turns men and women on. You can turn that fantasy into real life.

2016 Top Male Enhancement Tips

Drink pomegranate juice

News about pomegranate for male enhancement has been around for decades. There were some narratives that discuss the possibility of pomegranate juice to add to the ability of men to see male enhancement through vasodilation, but results were inconclusive, until male enhancement pills came along. It turns out that the missing component in male enhancement for pomegranate juice is testosterone. In theory, free testosterone increases your libido, which then exercises your ability to direct blood to the chambers of your male organ. Over time, just like muscular hypertrophy, the smooth muscles adapt to the increase in blood flow, and the smooth muscles relax to allow more blood to flow to the penile chambers, resulting in a sizable increase.

Stop smoking

One of the leading causes of poor sexual health is smoking. Smoking basically alters the way your body transports important nutrients to various parts of your body, and the damage over time would degrade your circulation, and by association, your ability to get it up. Clearing your lungs of smoke would do wonders for your circulation, and is a surefire way to increase the benefits of this all natural male enhancement method.

Keep away from those little blue pills

There’s a perfectly good reason why you should stay away from prescription drugs, especially if there’s a more effective, all-natural alternative. Unlike the best male enhancement supplements that target every factor that influence your sexual function, the little blue pills only solve one cause of the problem. Using these products over time could greatly affect the way your body triggers an erection, making yourself dependent on the drugs for a longer period of time. Suffice to say, dependency would not make it bigger. Stay all natural and let natural ingredients take care of the rest is one of the best tips for increasing your size that we can make

Stack your pills

With all the effective male enlargement pills available, it would make sense to stack your natural male enlargement pills to create a better effect. All you really have to do is mind the ingredients, and take one that synergizes well with another ingredient. There’s a lot of sources on the internet about which ingredient works well with another. Some even suggest supplement stacks to make it easier for you. There’s only so much that you can fit in an all natural male enhancement pill, so be sure to check out products that target the specific effect that you’re going after.

Check review websites

Most of the time, actual user reviews make more sense than reading the content on the manufacturer’s website. After all, you need to know how the product really works before you experience it first-hand, and review sites do that for you. Check reputable websites to see if they have reviewed the product that you’re looking for. There are several reputable websites that we know of. Do a quick Google search and look for the following websites:

  • Sex Pill Pros
  • Supplement Rant
  • WebMD men
  • Healthy Mens Info
  • Mens Life Advice
  • Mens Health List
  • The Healthier Man
  • USA Healthy Men
  • Men Live Healthy

These websites offer a treasure trove of information which you can use to kickstart your research. While you’re at it, check the reviews if they are positive. Stick to the products with the most positive reviews to get the results you want faster.

Ditch the pump and exercise

One myth that we always encounter is the use of pumps and exercises. Not that we’re a cynic that only believes in what we can prove, but we have actually tried doing pumps and exercises. I mean, who wants to spend outright? The idea is not to make your muscles contract, but to make them relax to allow more blood to flow.

Use it to your heart’s content

This one is simple. It doesn’t matter if you go all night with your partner, or if you just want to pleasure yourself for longer periods of time, the important thing is for you to use it. Regular use of your package would actually influence sexual ability, especially if you’re already taking male enhancement pills. In theory, the more your smooth muscles relax to accommodate the blood during an erection, the more it adapts to the form. This also means that you should never EVER let yourself rust down below. Use it, rub it, polish it – do what you have to do to make it always active.

Stay away from sweets

Eating sweet food would increase your chances of acquiring type 2 diabetes, one of the leading causes of poor sexual health. Type 2 diabetes can go to such damaging levels that the nerves in your male organ could no longer function, effectively making you impotent. As early as today, make it a point to stay away, or limit your intake of sweets and any other similar foods.

Stay away from fatty food

Another factor that could affect your ability is your intake of fatty food. Over time, your consumption of fats could build up plaque in the arteries, clogging your arteries in a condition known as atherosclerosis. This is one of the reasons why occlusion and stenosis are the most common causes of poor sexual ability. Fatty food make your circulation poor, and if you want to make yours better, better stop consuming fatty food as early as now.

Take your male enhancement pills religiously

First of all, understand that getting better sexually does not happen overnight. Any pill that tries to convince you otherwise is a sham. After all, if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. The best male enhancement pills could definitely increase your ability if you give it time. The best ones work in as quickly as two weeks after taking the first dose. Some pills require you to take one in the morning, and one before you sleep. Make sure to follow your schedule. Mark your calendar, set reminders on your smartphone if you have to. Consistent use is important to create conditions that are favorable to give you better ability. For most of the pills that we know, taking pills on an empty stomach every morning should do. Check the label of your male enhancement pill to see how it should be taken.

*individual results may vary

Bonus tip:

While it’s good to be optimistic about your male enhancement pill, there are times when you should just accept that it didn’t work the way it’s supposed to. You, as a user, should notice significant changes in your body. If you do not recognize any discernable changes in sexual ability, then you should start considering another product. There’s no point in staying with a product that does nothing for you. Better yet, if you do not find a product to be effective, return it AND write a review about it to let others know what you really think about that product. That way you’re doing others a favor.

*individual results may vary

Unlike what people believed back in the day, you can see better results! You just need to know the right discipline and products to use to make it happen.

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*DISCLAIMER: No product on this website is intended to diagnosis, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information and opinions offered here was written and designed for educational purposes only. Results will vary with each individual. Any gains mentioned, or claims made, are antidotal and are not guaranteed and can vary depending on the individual. This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice.